March 1983 – Pool Deck, Plaza Hotel, Daytona Beach, FL
set: 1,000,000 / West Of The Fields / Radio Free Europe

13 April 1983 – ‘American Bandstand Rate-a-Record’, ABC Television Centre, Los Angeles, CA
notes: Featuring ‘Radio Free Europe’

8 June 1983 – ‘Murmur’, USA
notes: 30 second TV spot for promotion of ‘Murmur’

2 July 1983 – The Chase, Indianapolis, IN
set: Wolves, Lower / Moral Kiosk / Laughing / Pilgrimage / 7 Chinese Bros. / Talk About The Passion / Sitting Still / Shaking Through

5 August 1983 – ‘The Johnny Carson Show’, NBC-TV, West Coast Studios, Burbank, CA
notes: Interview with Howard Finster

14 August 1983 – ‘MTV Walk Ons’, MTV
notes: Interview with Peter Buck & Mike Mills

September 1983 – Stitchcraft Inc, Athens, GA, USA
notes: Clip of ‘I Got You Babe’ taken for the unreleased Laura Levine independent film ‘Just Like A Movie’

Summer 1983 – ‘Rock on TV’, Video West, Chicago, IL
notes: News feature featuring interviews & clips

6 October 1983 – ‘Late Night With David Letterman’, Studio 6A, NBC Studios, RCA Building, New York, NY
set: Radio Free Europe / Interview / So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)

12 October 1983 – ‘Real Georgia’s Backroom’, Georgia, USA
notes: Interview with Peter Buck & Michael Stipe backstage after the Skyway show

30 October 1983 – ‘Livewire’, Nickelodeon, Ed Sullivan Theater, New York, NY 
set: Interview with Fred Newman & questions from audience

November 1983 – ‘CMJ New Music Awards’
notes: R.E.M. sing acceptance speech to the ‘Monkee’s Theme Tune’ song

25 November 1983 – Exo 7, Rouen, France
set: Talk About The Passion

1 December 1983 – ‘The Athens Show’, The Mad Hatter, Athens, GA
set: Sharp Dressed Man (with Mike Mills & Peter Buck)
notes: Love Tractor performance

Unknown Date 1983 – ‘The VideoMusic Channel’, TV69, Atlanta, GA
notes: John Gradick Interview with Buck & Mills (Version 1)

Unknown Date 1983 – ‘The VideoMusic Channel’, TV69, Atlanta, GA
notes: John Gradick Interview with Buck & Mills (Version 2)

Unknown Date 1983 – Star Trek Spoof
notes: R.E.M. mention


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